Heb je de ziel van een levensgenieter en het gevoel voor advies?

You have the soul of an epicurean entrepreneur and the sense of advice?

The steps

to become CAVAVIN franchisee

I inquire about

You want to start a new business.

Our brochure helps you to get informed.

I am applying

Contact us to apply.

We will work with you to finalize your file to make your project a success.

Web exchange

Discover the CAVAVIN world with our teams and franchisees ready to share their experience in the world of entrepreneurship and franchising. 

We validate your project

We provide you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and we analyse your file and validate it.

Together we implement your project

We continue to provide you support and assistance troughout the implementation of your project.

I open my CAVAVIN wine shop

Let’s go for the adventure with the CAVAVIN franchise.

After a 3-week training period, we continue to be present until the store opens.

Conditions of franchise

The point of sale:
  • Location: Privilege a downtown location close to the shops and place of parking or a location in the periphery (retail park) or penetrating axis
  • Surface: 400 - 1,300 sq.ft. of store size
  • Catchment area: 15,000 inhabitants minimum
  • Store: cozy and warm atmosphere
The franchise agreement :
  • Duration of contract: 7 years
  • Entry fee  : € 18,500 
  • Royalties : 2.5% of gross sales paid quaterly
  • The investment by a franchisee varies according to the store's sales area and geographic area, which will affect the cost of the layout and the initial inventory of the store.
  • Inventory : Between €15,000 and €45,000 
  • Store outfitting : Between €10,000 et  €15,000€ 
  • Works : Anticipate according to the state of the store
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