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A know-how since 1985

Since 1985, CAVAVIN has been a partner in the selection of wines and spirits of 300 winegrowers. Among the 2,000 references of the platform, each wine merchant offers a selection of 600 to 800 wines and spirits adapted to the local clientele.

A differentiating wine shop concept

More than a wine shop, the universe of a CAVAVIN is modern, refined and enhancing for the wines and spirits it presents. The wide range available is underlined by a warm and cozy atmosphere. CAVAVIN is among the ambassadors of the "French art de vivre".

A franchisor at your side

As a company founder and CAVAVIN franchisee, with our collaboration, you benefit from all the expertise and know-how of a franchisor. Your journey is thus secure at all times.

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Carine Dubospertus
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Noisy Le Sec FR
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For 30 years
Our collective success has been built around various key success factors:
A family Spirit

CAVAVIN is a family history since 1985. Join CAVAVIN is to be an entrepreneur within the family of wine merchants and winegrowers and adhere to strong human and liberal values.

A Development Team

From the feasibility study to the opening of the store, the development department assists you effectively: validation of the location, technical and commercial assistance, transmission of know-how, assistance to launch the store ...

Adapted Offer and Logistics

CAVAVIN offers, thanks to its 150 suppliers, 2,000 authentic and exclusive products at the best prices. Each wine shop offers a selection of wines adapted to its customers. The logistic organization provides an optimal quality of service, essential to a local business.

A financial department at your service

Our experience in the market allows us to advise you on the right ratios and best management practices of your point of sale. Our network will allow you to take advantage of economies of scale to reduce your operating costs.

The global wine market in 2018 represents 243 million hl., 61.1 billion USD of wine and spirit imports and 63 billion USD of exports worldwide. 
The wine market increases its internationalization.

CAVAVIN is a family-owned business that was created in 1985 by Michel Bourel and that is now managed by Olivier Mermuys his son in law. 

CAVAVIN is France’s leading wine and spirits franchise.

As a strong and experienced franchiser, we share a proved knowhow with our more than 150 franchisees in France but also in the UK, In Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Congo, Guyana, Reunion Island…

We offer a selection of 2,000 wines and spirits from 150 international suppliers. 
Our competitive quality / price offer is the result of a strong partnership with our wine makers. 
For a main part of them we are the main seller (more than 50% of their sales), so we offer authentic and exclusive wines.

Our logistics is providing a really good service level to our franchisees wherever they are. 
In addition, our concept is based on a modern and efficient merchandising to optimize the inventory and to provide the customers a nice experience.

These are a part of our success story, let’s share other key success factors in this presentation.


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