Our key success factors
A family Spirit

CAVAVIN is a family history since 1985. Join CAVAVIN is to be an entrepreneur within the family of wine merchants and winegrowers and adhere to strong human and liberal values.

CAVAVIN is a beautiful story that continues to be lived with a passion unceasingly renewed for more than 30 years.

Michel BOUREL founded CAVAVIN in 1985 by federating wine merchants then raising the franchise in its current form. Since then, the network has grown steadily with more than 150 points of sale, including 16 openings in 2016.

In 2016, Olivier MERMUYS, son-in-law of Michel BOUREL joined CAVAVIN as Director of Operations and International to ensure the family continuity of the group and continue the deployment of the franchise. CAVAVIN is already part of the 35% network that exports.

A Development Team

From the feasibility study to the opening of the store, the development department assists you effectively: validation of the location, technical and commercial assistance, transmission of know-how, assistance to launch the store ...

A development team is at your side to make your project more concrete and reliable. It also relies on a network of partners who know the strength of the concept. As a company founder and CAVAVIN franchisee, with our collaboration, you benefit from all the expertise and know-how of a franchisee and its partners. Your journey is thus secure at all times.

Our development team assists you effectively: validation of the implementation, technical and commercial assistance, transmission of the know-how and experience of the brand, help to launch the store, ...

From the feasibility study to the opening of your store, CAVAVIN Franchise Development is committed to helping you:
- Validating for the best location
- Analysing commercial leases and landlord / transferor negotiations
- The support to the construction of your business plan and the support of our financial partners
- The layout of the store
- The development of your assortment
- Preparing and receiving your first order
- The establishment and opening of your point of sale
- Launch communication of your store

Adapted Offer and Logistics

CAVAVIN offers, thanks to its 150 suppliers, 2,000 authentic and exclusive products at the best prices. Each wine shop offers a selection of wines adapted to its customers. The logistic organization provides an optimal quality of service, essential to a local business.

Wine is a delicate, fragile and sensitive product, which is why we have a sophisticated logistics organization at CAVAVIN. Your satisfaction is our daily goal. It is related to the satisfaction of your customers. We offer you a logistics adapted to your needs and to the seasonality of the market in terms of organization of flows, manpower and means of handling.

Our logistical processes are flexible and adapted to the changing expectations of your customers. The logistics team is composed of 7 people always at your disposal and at your service to find together the best solution to your expectations. The flexibility of our organization ensures the necessary responsiveness.
Our selection criteria are demanding, mainly in the choice of our carriers, which allows us to provide you with a quality and responsive delivery service, especially during periods of high activity.

The range at CAVAVIN is:

- A number of SKU per store to be analyzed beforehand among more than 2,000 references in wines, alcohols and champagnes available on the platform
- A selection in adequacy with your region of implantation and the prices adapted to your customers
- Exclusive vineyard and nugget signatures for CAVAVIN
- Authentic high margin products
- Faithful and responsible partners, passionate independent winemakers with a beautiful story to transmit and working in a family spirit
- An innovative concept to demystify wine and share a fun and convivial experience: www.signe-oenologique.fr

The CAVAVIN supply is:

- Inventory management of more than 2,000 references spread over more than 150 suppliers
- A storage area of ​​4,500 m². The construction of a new logistics platform on a 12,000 m² plot
- 2,500,000 passes shipped per year
- 5,800 orders prepared per year

The trust we have developed with our suppliers allows us to be replenished as soon as possible.
Daily inventory analysis allows us to be responsive and to be able to anticipate changes in the vintage or seasonal peaks in demand.
The logistics of CAVAVIN is a real added value for you. It is at the service of trade and is a vector of development of your turnover.

A financial department at your service

Our experience in the market allows us to advise you on the right ratios and best management practices of your point of sale. Our network will allow you to take advantage of economies of scale to reduce your operating costs.

"We only pilot what we measure"

We are at your side to optimize your margin and your cash flow.

Our experience in the market allows us to advise you on selling prices to practice. They will be both in line with the expectations of your customers and with the volume of margin imperative to your success.

Our network will allow you to benefit from economies of scale (infrastructure, IT, merchandising, communication, ...) to reduce your operating costs.

All of these cost optimization elements associated with our payment terms will enhance your cash flow.

- I order in a few clicks according to the needs of my wine shop
- I sell and I cash the cash of my business

You benefit from the support of the financial team, which relies on a complete statistical database to carry out commercial analyzes and to develop relevant management ratios.

The financial team works in full coordination with the development and sales teams to offer a management framework dedicated to the world of franchising.
We are here to support you in the development of your business plan to get you started as calmly as possible in your new business.

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