The ones who talk about it best are our big family of franchisees

Carine Dubospertus CAVAVIN filiaal Noisy Le Sec

3 words to talk about CAVAVIN
- Reactivity
- Skills
- Dynamism

Carine Dubospertus
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Noisy Le Sec FR

The buying group allows me to devote 95% of my working time to my customers as franchisor is in charge of supplying, delivering and communication.

Alain Lemay
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Saint Herblain FR
Florence Bataillé Franchisenemer CAVAVIN in Saint-Raphaël FR

The power of a network and a concept still growing for more than 30 years

Florence Bataillé
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Saint-Raphaël FR
Cyril Desplats Franchisenemer CAVAVIN in Annecy FR

A turnkey store: from setting up to bottle labeling

Cyril Desplats
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Annecy FR
Jean-Yves Potin Franchisenemer CAVAVIN in Thorigny-sur-Marne FR

Funding is easier as banks are more secured when it comes to finance brands with high notoriety

Jean-Yves Potin
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Thorigny-sur-Marne
Stéphane Bernini Franchisenemer CAVAVIN in Lyon Croix Rousse

Join a franchise that reassures a lot. I enjoy support and advices and i benefit from group's national communication.


Stéphane Bernini
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Lyon Croix Rousse FR
Sylvie Pinout Franchisenemer CAVAVIN in Nanteuil-Lès-Meaux

Support before, during and after the opening of the store is a real difference.


Sylvie Pinout
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Nanteuil-Lès-Meaux FR
Sandrine Bughin, franchisé à Soissons

The winning couple franchisor-franchisee: this is the sharing of values

Sandrine Bughin
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Soissons FR

The creation of business is facilitated by a serious supervision.

Emmanuelle Perrier
Franchisee CAVAVIN in Pontivy FR
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